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Advertising Photography


As you know our expertise in studio lighting, we provide all kind of photography service for all kind of product. Foods and menu to decorations, hijabs attire to all the accessories, shoes and clothing, skincare to beauty product and also we will guide you (all the new business product) what is all about photography and marketing connections because for first, our aim was to be the give the best service and a very good quality of photographs.

​Studio Photography


THE PHOTO LAB doing beauty shoots, portraiture for raising models and new talents. We also provides not only photography services, but we also provide you (very) confortable place for your workspace. Many raising photographers need a good place to do their job, need a good surrounding, equipments and props.

Corporate Photography


We are ready to take part in your company's profile portraits! As a team of photographer that experienced since 10 years ago, we not only doing business with normal people, we had experienced with the highest level of the company's chart such as CEO, Director, Executives, and etc. Our goal is to be part of your people that fulfill your goal to be a great, professional and confident.

Family Portraits


The best quality time is being with the loves one. We are here to capture all the moments, your laugh and smile. It’s a really good chance to grab time to spend with all your family members because it’s very a good opportunity to have experts in studio lighting, professional photographer, with full equipment, a very good and confortable place to shoot. We also will guide you to choose the best concept; the best shoot with appropriate props. I want your turn your wedding memories into keepsakes that will last for many years to come.

Graduation Photoshoot


Good news for who just graduated and looking or good service and great moments for their 'big day'. We also provide you professional photoshoot for graduation shoot (indoor/outdoor). All good advices  for concept and look will be given for your great day. Just prepare of yourself, your friends and your family members, get ready and let's do it!



Our team not only just provides you professioal photographers, but we also wll provide you a good team of videographers. We has a good background and previous work as a videographers. As a team that always follow the 'step of trend' we also one of the leading team that do the latest trends of video. Using DSLR as the main medium to get the best result for our clients.

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